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Band offers laminated no-border and "satin - style" stick on security credentials and passes for Bands, Promotions, Special Events, Festivals, Sports Teams and Concerts & Conventions.

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We want to help you achieve the best results while saving you time and money by providing you with these artwork guidelines.

Art Quality:

For the best quality results, save all PhotoShop, TIFF, and EPS images at 300 DPI in CMYK format. Please, keep in mind that low-resolution images such as JPEG and GIF files will not reproduce well.

Artwork will look different from one monitor to the next so color perception will differ considerably. Please, be aware that printed material may not match emailed proofs exactly.

Safety Margin: Due to die shifting please keep all vital text, logos and principal imagery inside of this 1/8" safety margin.

Bleed: Due to die shifting background artwork must extend 1/8" outside of the cut line.

Live Area: This area is 100% open for any imagery, logos or text.

Sending Artwork

Building your artwork in the following applications will save you money and yield professional results. Please always try to send your original layered files.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Freehand MX
  • Please include all relevant fonts, links, and any related embedded images.
  • When possible, outline all fonts before submitting artwork.

When submitting fonts is necessary, please include both screen and printer fonts. True Type fonts may look fine on the monitor, but may result in defaulting to Courier when printed on our digital equipment.

For your convenience, we gladly accept artwork in the following forms:

  • Via FTP
  • E-Mail Attachments
  • CDR's
  • DVD's
  • ZIP Discs

Download Templates


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Backstage pass nascarr
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